Privacy Policy

It is our commitment to protect your privacy every time you visit our site and give us your personal information.

And since we value your identity and should keep it confidential, we provide this privacy policy to explain our online practices as well as our mutual guarantee for any transaction we will be both entering into. Thus, it is better to read and understand first this website's privacy policy.

When you place your order, all information we acquire from you will only serve as our internal record to properly and completely process that order. We want to make sure that our site is useful to your concern aside from giving you our best services. Furthermore, unless agreed by both parties, we "should not and will not" allow disclosing your personal information to anyone - for whatever purpose he or she may present to us.

I. The Use and Significance of Information You Provide.

Email Address

Your e-mail address is very essential to us as far as our service is concerned. We use your e-mail address to extend our acknowledgments, to hear your comments or suggestions, to answer your queries, or to reach you in case your contact number is not available. Also your email address will be used to inform you about our new features, other services offer, or web site updates.

Certainly, your email address is one of the most important requirements you will provide when you make your order. However, your email address will not be used for any other purpose nor shared with outside parties.

Full Name

Once you place your order, we do require your full name. This will be used in confirming your payment whether by check or by credit card. Nevertheless, your real name will not be sent, shared or revealed to any third party without your consent.

Non-Identifying and Aggregate Information

We use non-identifying and aggregate information to better design and update our website. We use this information to enhance the appearance of our site. Nevertheless, we will never disclose any information that could be used to identify those individuals.

IP Address

We also collect your IP Address (assigned by your Internet Service Provider) in order to:
· supervise better our web site
· identify customer profile patterns

Finally, we never use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us online in ways unrelated to the ones stated above.

II. Updating Personal Information.

If you want to modify or update any personal information you provide to us whether in the order form or in login account, you may send us an email to address your request and once approved, we will work on the request immediately. Also, you can use our HELP CENTRE that can be found in all pages of this site for your other inquiries.

III. Security of your Personal Information.
It is our duty to secure all information we have gathered from you at this site. We are using firewalls and other facilities to protect your personal information against alteration, misuse or loss of information. This is to ensure that no other parties can access your personal information.
IV. Amendment of our Privacy Policy.

Only the owner of this site has the right to change or amend this policy at any time. We periodically revise our policies, thus it is your responsibility to visit this page once in a while to be informed about the privacy policy updates.

V. Contact Us.

All information you entered in this site will be treated confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized parties. Whatever be the circumstances, we never sell, share, distribute, or lease any personal information of our visitors to any third parties.

If any inquiries, comments, suggestions, requests, or complaints about this privacy policy, please feel free to send us an email to
[email protected]

Transaction Security.

Protecting the goodwill of clients as well as the reliability of the business is our main concern.

The demands for security in online market has lead us to set transaction security standards for the confidence of our clients and agents in each transaction made in this site against all unauthorized parties. Here's the list of our standards for our mutual advantage.

1. Hiring professionals to man every field of this site.
2. Control access to data on the basis of purpose and authority.
3. Install and maintain a network firewall and other facilities, if data can be reached via the Internet.
4. Protect data sent across networks.
5. Protect systems and data from viruses by installing anti-virus software.
6. Keep the password and other accounts secure.
7. Only authorized personnel can access to all data entered in the site.
8. Have a regular data check and control done by authorized personnel.
9. Immediate action against unauthorized access to information.
10. Working with our service providers to insure that can comply with these set transaction security standards.

Since our duty is to protect all personal information in our online records, it is the responsibility of our clients to ensure that all information provided here is accurate.