We Do Bidets...Holistically

Bidets have come a long way from when they first made their presence felt, during the 15 th century. What was once regarded as unnecessary and fancy has now evolved into a bathroom essential—a sophisticated, more ecological and smarter way of using toilets. Bidets underwent another design transformation during the 19 th century but it took years for those humble devices to take the shape of today’s hassle-free, technologically progressive bidet designs.

Our Approach Defines Us

We don't describe ourselves as “bidet enthusiasts”. We are lifestyle enthusiasts who are driven towards making everyday living more rewarding. We believe in transforming bathroom usage into a more pleasurable, uncomplicated experience. Our range of bidets is much more than a comprehensive cleansing method—a lifestyle staple that promises better sanitation and it delivers a greater degree of personal hygiene.

Online Bidet Inventory that Chooses to be the Best

Our inventory is growing, being carefully groomed by our procurement specialists who continue to search for products offer 100% satisfaction to our discerning buyers. From commercial properties to household applications, our bidets meet and exceed the current standards for quality and durability. All our products come with a promise of Lifetime Technical Support.

Sustaining Our Advantage

Our established credentials in the home furnishing and bathroom supplies marketplace means we are able to procure the latest in bidet technology, including direct-from-manufacturer and exclusive distributors. Extensive market research and the presence of niche specialists who have the expertise to evaluate different bidets helps us choose the best from a consumer’s perspective.

Getting Serious about Bidets

We don't mind the odd sprinkling of bathroom humour, but we take bidets rather seriously. Now, also counted as a part of bathroom aesthetics, we still believe bidets are about function first and form later. Bathroom hygiene is at the core of healthy living choices and this includes toilet routines where our bodies are exposed to external elements.

Bidets that don't Upset Existing Bathroom Decors

We realize that installing a new bathroom unit or undertaking major overhauls isn’t always feasible. We insist on populating our inventory with bidets that are easy to install without inducing any major structural or plumbing changes/upgrades. The bidets can be easily manoeuvred for personalized toilet usage. While we also have some conventional bidets, we would advise you to explore the more contemporary range of bidets that are easier to use and are more driven for better sanitation.

Bidets with a Green Conscience

Our bidets are driven towards green consumerism. This invariably means water-saving technologies that reduce your impact on the environment. These bidets invariably conform to the highest water regulation, building and plumbing standards—globally applicable bidets. From the state of the art backflow prevention technology to subtle styling, we are persistently exploring new bidet technologies and related accessories.

Our Expanding Presence

Bidet Superstore was established in 1997 and today, it has pan-US and an expanding global presence. The online inventory is continuously expanding, catering to happy customers across the world. Our executive offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada USA with manufacturing and distribution centres are in Asian and European nations. We have been able to penetrate and engage attention in traditionally bidet-resistant marketplaces.

Every Smart Purchase Starts with a Query, So Reach Us To Us

You can call or email us for any queries, whether it is about a specific bidet, bulk orders, upcoming additions to the product list or the pricing on display. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions, ensuring you can make a well-informed purchase decision.

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