At Sanicare / we have made choosing easy for you by searching all over the world for the newest and best bidet products. We've looked at what the manufacturers have to offer, examined them inside and out and carefully chosen the best bidets for you.

First, you have to decide which type of bidet will best suit your needs. An Electronic Seat Bidet that will replace your existing toilet lid and seat? a standard bidet that goes between your existing toilet lid and seat? a hand-held bidet, or a Travel Bidet?

We've divided them into several categories as well as pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Finally, we've provided some basic information for buyers to consider before finally making a purchase. So, let's get started!


1. First, you have to determine whether you have a one-piece or two-piece toilet. A 1-piece toilet is a toilet sculpted into a seamless unit. The result is a sleek toilet with no crevices between the tank and bowl. A 2-piece toilet has a separate tank and bowl that are bolted together upon installation.

1 piece toilet

A toilet sculpted into a seamless unit and has no crevices between the tank and bowl.

2 piece toilet

This type of toilet has a separate tank and bowl which are bolted together upon

Virtually all toilet seat bidets such as BioBidet, Brondell, and USPA will fit 2-piece toilets. If you have a 1 piece toilet, your selection is a bit more limited. Read product descriptions carefully to make sure the bidet will fit your piece toilet. Example of bidets that will fit a 1-pc toilet is the Bio Bidet BB600, and Brondell

2. Second, you have to determine the shape of your toilet bowl whether it is round or elongated. In the figure below, measure the A-line, which is the inches from the centre of the two mounting holes, to the end of your toilet bowl.

Toilet Bidet Measurement

Round Bowl - A measurement of inches from the middle of the two-seat bolts on the back edge of the toilet (figure A) that equals to number 16.5 or less.

Elongated Bowl - A measurement of inches from the middle of the two-seat bolts on the back edge of the toilet (Figure A) that equals to number 16.5 or more.

Check the product specifications for exact measurements if your bowl falls somewhere in between.

Next, choose the colour of the bidet. Most bidets come in white and beige (biscuit). Pick the colour that matches your toilet.

Decide between a one-nozzle or two-nozzle bidet. The two-nozzle bidet is especially handy for feminine hygiene since it has its own separate nozzle for that as well as the standard nozzle for rear cleansing.

Choose what features are important to you. Bidets have an amazing variety of features, from built-in deodorizers to remote controls, warm air dryers and even automatically opening and closing hydraulic seats.

Pick well-respected bidet manufacturers or authorized dealers. There are many different bidet makers and dealers out there Some of the most popular brands include Bio Bidet, Brondell and Renaissance.


One example of non-electric seat bidet is the Renaissance Bidet 700. Both models replace your existing toilet lid and seat in a similar manner to the electronic seat bidets. They can be hooked up to hot water, but can also be used for cold water only.

If used for hot water, then a typical installation is to connect with the hot/cold water line under the bathroom sink. Of course, this application is only practical if your toilet is within 5-6 ft. of your toilet. A typical installation can be viewed here.

Both models have self-cleaning nozzles. This is an advantage not found in the insert type bidets below.


Most insert bidets do not require electricity. They can be attached to your existing toilet seat and/or can go between your existing toilet lid and seat. They are an economical way to experience the benefits of using a bidet. They generally only offer natural (cold) water hookups and basic functionality. There are some standard bidets that can be hooked up to natural (cold) and hot water.

Some of the most popular standard non-electric bidets are R600, and other models here.


Handheld bidets are the stylish, practical and affordable solution for better hygiene care. For many years these clever attachments have been used widely around the world and only recently introduced in the USA. They easily attach to your existing toilet. At Sanicare, we have the largest selection of hand bidets from Italia series to Sanicare hand bidet series. All hand bidets function the same way. They only differ in spray heads design and materials used. Some hand bidets are metal/brass constructed such as the Italia hand bidet series. Others are made of ABS plastic.


A Travel Bidet is a battery-powered unit that you can carry with you wherever you go! Just fill it with water and it is ready to do its job - to clean you.

When you are done, just empty out any remaining water, fold in the spray wand, collapse the bidet back into its translucent blue reservoir and slip this compact unit into your purse or briefcase.

A Travel bidet is great for those who wish to take the benefits of home bidets on the road. They're also convenient to use at home for persons with limited mobility or anyone hesitant about installing a full bidet system. The most popular types of travel bidets are battery-powered, plastic units that are compact enough to be gripped by people of all ages.

View some travel bidets here.