EZ Faucet Installation - No Plumber Required
Easily connects to faucets by replacing the existing aerator with the Mini-Shower's stylishly designed diverter valve with built in aerator. Looks similar to most aerators except for the on/off lever and quick-connect hose fitting. To activate the spray wand simply push the lever up.

Dual Use
The diverter valve with built in areator allows for normal use of the sink. To divert the water to the sprayer, you just push the lever up.

Quick-Connect Hose Fitting
Gives you the option of quickly connecting or removing the hose from the diverter valve if you prefer not to leave the spray wand connected to your faucet fulltime.

Quality Made Ball Valve Diverter
Our diverter valve is solid brass and chrome plated with the highest quality ball valve available.

Great for when you're on vacation, business trips or even at the office or work. Includes all the parts needed to install on most faucets. 

Bathroom Uses
Bidet - Allows you to comfortably sit on the commode and enjoy the gentle and soothing benefits of cleaning your most sensitive areas with warm or cool fresh running water.

Feminine Hygiene - Fresh water cleansing is the most soothing and enjoyable way to achieve the highest level freshness and good hygiene. The Mini-shower is especially useful for new Mothers.

Hemorrhoids - Tissue paper can be irritating and even painful. Doctors recommend a cool water rinse for any type of edema or swelling in the perineal area.

Shaving - The ultimate way to rinse shaving cream off legs, faces and razors. On/off button saves time and water. Jet spray is great for rinsing beards when trimming or coloring.

Bathroom Cleaning - Makes cleaning sinks, commodes, showers & tubs fun and easy. On/off button saves time and water, allowing you to clean faster and easier.
Kitchen Sinks
Rinsing Dishes & Pans
Washing Fruits & Vegetables
Everyday Cleaning
Utility Sinks
Warm Water Pet Shower
Cleaning Tools & Shoes
Laundry Sprayer
Boat & RV Sinks
Saves Water
Rinsing Sporting Gear

10ft. - Mini Size - Adjustable Length - Clear Hose

Mini-Size clear hose is easy to handle and less noticeable, yet delivers the perfect water pressure for good personal hygiene, and many other cleaning jobs.

Hand Held Bidet - The Mini-Shower Bidet allows you to comfortably sit on the commode and enjoy the gentle and soothing benefits of cleaning your most sensitive areas with warm or cool fresh running water.

Pregnancy & Post Partum Hygiene - The most gentle and effective way to remove germs and bacteria from the vaginal area before and after child birth is with the Mini-Shower Bidet. Cleansing with fresh running water is especially beneficial when there's an Episiotomy involved.
Portable Bidet - Mini-Shower Bidet for Faucet and Shower is great for when you're traveling, at work or play. Quick connect adapters will attach to most Hotel, RV, Boat, and work place faucets or showers with out tools.
Hemorrhoids Treatment, Relief, Washing and Cleansing -  Maintaining good hygiene and keeping the hemorrhoids clean without wiping with abrasive tissue papers is the most important part of treating bleeding, painful and the itching associated with hemorrhoids. Multiple daily cleansing with the Mini-Shower Bidet is the most soothing and effective way to eliminate the use of messy creams and suppositories, which are unpleasant to use and are often ineffective. Doctors also recommend cleansing and washing hemorrhoids with a bidet over the use of moist pads because the ingredients in moist pads can sometimes produce an allergic reaction, which adds to the irritation and discomfort of hemorrhoids. Some physicians also believe that scents and inks in decorative toilet papers may cause irritation to hemorrhoids.





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