Cool & Refreshing Cleansing
E-Z Installation
Easily connects to commodes for the ultimate, easy to  use, hand held bidet.

No Plumber Required
Commode adapter screws onto the flushers threads on  bottom of commode tank where water line connects. Tools  are not usually needed for installation.

Less Noticeable
Mini-Size clear hose is easy to handle and less noticeable  in bathroom.

Adjustable Length 6 ft. Hose
Quick-connect hose fittings allows you to cut the 6 ft. hose  to any length for right or left handed use.

Adjustable Water Pressure
 Multi-hole jet spray with pressure control valve makes  personal hygiene, commode cleaning, and even cloth  diaper rinsing quick and easy.
Close stop valve, then remove water fitting from flusher threads on bottom of commode tank.
Screw Mini-Shower
Tee Connector onto flusher threads - hand tighten only
Screw water line fitting onto bottom of Tee connector. Insert clear hose into push-in fitting 
Note - Commode must have a flexible supply line.
Bathroom Uses
Hand Held Bidet - The Mini-Shower allows you to comfortably sit on the commode and enjoy the gentle and soothing benefits of cleaning your most sensitive areas with cool fresh running water.

Feminine Hygiene - Fresh water cleansing is the most soothing and enjoyable way to achieve the highest level of freshness for total personal hygiene.

Hemorrhoids - Tissue paper can be irritating and even painful. Doctors recommend a cool water rinse for any type of edema or swelling in the perianal area.

Pregnancy & Post Partum Hygiene - The most gentle and effective way to remove germs and bacteria from the vaginal area before and after child birth. Cleansing with fresh running water is especially beneficial when there's an Episiotomy involved.

Cloth Diaper Sprayer - Great for rinsing off soiled cloth diapers in the commode instead of dunking and soaking. Mini-size, multi-hole, jet spray is perfect for rinsing even the most heavily stuck-on soiled diapers


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