What you have
Flexible Hose
1/2 Conversion Nut
What you need
Teflon Tape
Screw Driver
1. Remove the existing toilet seat. To access screw, push lid upward located all the way at the end of seat with sharp object. Take out seat by loosening screw and holding bolt from bottom.

2. Turn off the main water valve.

3. Take out exiting water pipe. Loosen fill valve just below the water tank and compression nut from control valve. Then take out water pipe by tapping fill valve.

4. Flush down all the remaining water in water tank.
1. Connect bolt of adapter to the hexagonal nut of flexible hose.

2. Insert plastic packing into bottom of adapter as illustrated.

3. Connect 3/8" compression to the water valve.

Connect 7/8" fill valve to water tank later to prevent the hose from twisting.       
(It will lower water pressure)
4. Insert the tube of the Bio-Bidet into adapter with nut as shown, then tighten it. When tightening adapter, try to avoid having the fitting bolt addressed directly to top of water valve.
This will let you turn valve back on freely later.

5. Now you may connect 7/8" fill valve to water tank. Use only hand pressure to tighten it.
6. Adjust sliding seat hook coupling with toilet seat at desired position.

7. Place toilet cover on top of Bio-Bidet.

8. hold nut from the bottom while turning screw from top.

9. Push down and lock screw lid.
Ready? Go!
Trying your Bio-Bidet for the first time.

Congratulations! Your are ready to use the Bio-Bidet for the first time.
Be sure to turn water pressure control knob gently until reaching the desired pressure.
Water pressure control device is only to control water pressure, not for setting up the duration of water spray.
Using 1/2" Converter
If your main water line has 1/2" male thread instead of 3/8", simply convert it to 3/8"
using supplied converter.

Simply insert converter in between main water line hose as illustrated.

have further questions or need assistance?
Contact any of our distributor in you area or representative at our head office.

We are there to help with your questions.
Trouble Shooting

If your spray nozzle is clogged for some reason,
simply try to move spray outlet up and down for few times manually.



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