Ace Bidet Basic Bidet Attachment / Installation User Manual          

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User Manual

How to Connect Cold Water to Bidet

  1. Turn off Water Supply Valve(C)
  2. Detach Toilet Water Supply Line(E) from Water Supply Valve(C)
    In case of Flexible Hose(3/8") exists.
    Only release the bottom part of existing Flexible hose(3/8").
    Need not detach it.
    In case of Flexible Hose(1/2") exists.
    Need not detach it, but please ask our Head office or Local Agent to change Adapter(3/8") to Adapter(1/2").
  3. Install Cold Water Adapter(3/8") between Water Supply Valve(3/8") and Flexible hose(3/8") provided.
  4. Connect the Water Tube(K) of Bidet to the outlet of the Adapter and tighten properly.
  5. Open the Water Supply Valve(C).
    - Cold Water can be connected to a water supply valve under the Washstand.
    1) All instructions are the same as for Hot Water.
    2) Parts(Flexible hose(B)) is same as for Hot Water. Buy them at a Hardware stores or our Sales shops.

How to Connect Hot Water to Bidet

  1. Turn off Water Supply Valve(C).
  2. Replace existing Water Supply Line(E) with Flexible Hose(B) provided.
    - 3Types of case as below -
  3. Install Adapter (B) between Water Supply Valve(C) and Flexible Hose(B).
  4. Connect the Water Tube(K) of Bidet to the outlet of the Adapter(B) and tighten properly.
  5. Open the Water Supply Valve(C) and your Bidet is ready to use.

If your existing Water Supply Line(E) is

  1. In case of Flexible Hose(3/8") exists
    Only release the bottom part of existing Flexible Hose.
    Need not detach it and available, and install Adapter(B) between Water Supply Valve(C) and existing Flexible hose.
  2. In case of Flexible Hose(1/2") exists
    All process is same as in case of Flexible Hose(3/8"), but Adapter spec should be changed to 1/2"(Ask our sales shop to change).
  3. In case of PVC, COPPER, or Steel Pipe exists(pic-4)
    1) Release the bottom part of existing Pipe.
    2) Cut the bottom of existing Pipe by PIPE CUTTER propery, and connect to Flexible Hose(B).
    ** Warning for using Coopper Ring

    Connect Adapter to Flexible Hose(B) in advance, and fasten Flexible Hose (B) and existing Pipe Nut with Copper Ring.
    Copper Ring can be pressed only one time. Reuse is impossible.


Water pressure control (very important)

The cold/hot control valve of adapter (K) should be adjusted and set after testing so the pressure is balanced. Excessive pressure is not beneficial. Alter the pressure to a sufficient level.


Please do not full oopen Hot Water Adapter Control part(K). Adjust at the reasonable mild temperature, may burn too hot water after shower. House Hot water may be changeable.

Position Control

  1. Control the center by adjusting to the right and left.
  2. Adjust the position by moving back and forth in order to spray the anus.
  3. To prevent slip of position, please insert the sponge pad between the toilet and Bidet.

In Case of Large Toilet

Open the nozzle and move it to the side. At this time, pull the inside hose taut and attach it firmy to the nozzle(Use Bond).
Attach the toilet seat to the farthest thome of the Bidet's seat combination opening
(In an "L" shape).

Correct Usage

  1. Turn on the Drain Control Knob to remove all cold water from the hot water pipe while using the toilet for a hot water washing. (HS-3000/2000K)
  2. Turn off the Drain Control Knob and adjust the water temperature at the adequate level.
  3. Wash your posterior area raising water pressure slowly with the water pressure control knob and give a massage with strong water for 2-3 minutes.
  4. If the water pressure is powerful, the water penetrates deep into the large intestines removing gas and excrement remains, preventing constipation.
  5. Water enters into women's genitals, allowing better washing towards the back.
  6. Rinse fromt and back by using charming cleansing with warm water for 1-2 minutes.
  7. Wipe with a towel or toilet paper.


  1. If the temperature has continuously been set on high, there may be a possibility of getting a burn from the heated water.
  2. A low temperature is strongly recommended after a shower.
  3. If a problem should occur, close the pressure controller(K) on the adapter.
  4. Use of warm water over hot water is recommended concerning the user's health.


  1. Clean frequently with a soft brush.
  2. Change water tubes every 2-4 years (Especially, hot water tube wears easily.) Buy them head office or local Agent by TEL. on E-mail.


Condition Solution
Strange sound Backflow prevention device trembles.
Loosen or tighten the valve (k) of hot or cold water adapters.
No hot or cold water Inner hose of bidet twists because nut is excessively tightened when installed. (Ask A/S.)
Water is too hot. Close the valve (k) of hot water adapter.
No hot water Boiler does not work.
Hot water adapter is closed.
Inner hot water hose of bidet twists.
Leakage Close the valve (k) of Adapter (Hot, Cold), and Ask A/S.


Fits Most Toilets