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Bio Bidet BB-I3000 - The Premium Bidet Seat
Bio Bidet BB-i3000: Sanicare.com
Installation: Will this bidet fit my toilet?

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#1 TRUSTED AND RECOMMENDED NAME IN BIDET PRODUCTS Sanicare proudly introduce new Bio Bidet BB-i3000.
The first ever invention using the latest technology to maximize not only therapeutic benefits to personal hygiene, but to your health. The new "First-Class" i3000 Premium Bidet is the matchless! It's the newest patented technology in the world.

Introducing the Bio Bidet's patented invention of hygienic nozzle with VORTEX WATER STREAM! The VORTEX water stream has been scientifically designed to surge mass of water in the helix motion. This whirly mass of water in the oscillating in helix form alleviates difficult bowel movement by loosening up the dry hardened feces from the bowels. This is a natural and non-abrasive alternative to Laxatives!


Note: Bio Bidet BB-i3000 will fit nicely on elongated size toilet.
For round size toilet, we suggest you view the Renaissance 2000 Bidet

Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Features

Convenient Dual Nozzle
Hydraulic Seat And Cover
One size fits all
Easy Installation with Saddle Valve
Continuous Warm Water Supply
Non Electric
Patented Enema Nozzle
Helps personal diet
Feminine Medicine Reservoir
Available in White & Beige
Best warranty in the market
Water Pressure/Temp Control
Self Cleaning

Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Functions

Easy Operation
Non Electric
Vortex water stream
Feminine wash
Soft close lid
Space conserving
Soap dispenser
Simple operation
Water pressure control
Dual nozzle
Quality parts
Continous warm water

Patented Vortex Water Stream for Enema. Exclusive for Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Premium Bidet.
Bio Bidet BB-i3000 nozzle Bio Bidet BBI3000 wash Bio Bidet BBi3000 stream

The DUAL NOZZLE FEATURE is activated simply from levers on the control panel. The two nozzles have distinct functions. One is a "Family Nozzle" for everyone's use and the other one is "Feminine Nozzle" specifically designed for women's effective feminine hygiene, providing greater sense of freshness.

The Bio Bidet's i3000 Premium bidet easily replaces your existing toilet seat and cover. Bio Bidet's first-class i3000 Premium bidet is comfortable with adjustable optimal temperature without use of any electricity. The Soft-Close feature has been built in for gentle, soft, quite closing and safety.

-Posterior & Enema
-Feminine Wash
-Feminine Hygiene Rinse Reservoir
-Water Temperature Control
-Nozzle Cleaning
-Hydraulic Seat and Cover

Proper way to use Premium BB-i3000 Bidet Seat

1. Pull "Operation Lever" toward yourself for cold-water by pass.
2. When warm water is ready, set water temperature at desired temperature.
3. Choose nozzle. Posterior nozzle will activate when operation lever was pushed
forward and pushing it backward will activate anterior wash nozzle.
4. Do not use excessive water pressure and temperature.
5. If desired, fill soap reservoir with mild soap and push soap reservoir button 2 to 3
times. This will allow mild soap to flow into anterior wash water stream.
6. Constipation problem? Change water pressure low to medium rapidly. This will
stimulate anal region to induce
7. When finished, gently remove excessive water in tapping motion using toilet paper.
No wiping.


1) Does BB-i3000 requires electric?
- No. It is non-Electric.

2) Then how do you get warm water supply?
- BB-i3000 connects both hot and cold water line. Hot water line usually tapped out of
hand-sink near by. BB-i3000 comes with complete installation kit including saddle valve.

3) Is professional plumber recommended for installation?
- All offered bio bidet products are designed for D.I.Y. Installation is simple as 1,2,3 and
does not require special skill or tool at all.

4) Is it going to fit my toilet?
- BBi3000 is designed to fit most of 2 piece elongated toilets. Some restrictions may apply in installation on 1 piece toilet however. Please consult our professional sales representatives if yours is 1 piece toilet.

5) Do I need to know whether my toilet shape?
- No. Not on this model, as one size fits both round and elongated seat.

6) How long does it take to deliver?
- All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours via UPS ground service.
Order will be shipped out of local dealers in your region and takes 2 to 6 days to deliver.

BB-i3000 Premium Bidet Diagram

Biobidet BB-i3000 diagram

BB-i3000 Premium Bidet Seat Measurement
Bio Bidet BBi3000 size

Bio Bidet
BB-i3000 Premium Bidet Video

Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Premium Bidet Seat
Cleansing Feature and How to Use

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