Some of the Benefits of Using a Hand Held Bidet for Better Hygiene

With the handheld bidet comes better control. Since the hose is not attached to the toilet you can maneuver it any way you want. Instead of moving around trying to find the right angle, you can just move the bidet around and get a better wash from it. Since its mobile you can move it around and don't have to worry about it being stuck in one place. This control gives you a better clean since you can move it around. This is one benefit of the hand held bidet.

For those that have a bidet hose, they can use it as a way to wash your bathroom. Since the hose can move around you can wash your toilet with the hose and clean it. Since most hand held bidets have different pressures, using the highest pressure will do a great job cleaning. With the regular bidet, you can't use it to clean your bathroom since it is stationary and can not be moved. This is another benefit of the hand held bidet.

Warm water cleansing of perineum area after relieving or defecating is very efficient at reducing any chances of infection due to presence of bacteria in the area. Dry toilet paper cannot cleanse your perineum areas effectively and thoroughly. Rather, it spreads bacteria round the year causing urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids. Regular cleaning of these sensitive areas with dry paper increases irritation. Prolonged usage could cause itching and bleeding.

Most infectious diseases spread through human contact. Insufficient cleansing of hands after urination or defecation spreads virus. Hand held bidet reduces chances of such infection and provides increased hygiene as bidet does not need use of your hands. Some could also touch the anus and genitalia with bare hands after use of toilet and bidet yet; this proves to be more hygienic than toilet paper.

Besides, the warm cleaning technique helps women cleanse themselves thoroughly during menstruation, before and after intercourse too. Bidets help alleviate problems of constipation and associated hemorrhoids.