• Please, do not plug in before installation.
  • If you need an electric power system or extension, please consult a qualified electrician.

1. Shut off the water supply to the existing toilet tank by closing the angle stop value. Drain the toilet tank completely. Remove the water supply hose to toilet tank.

2. Removing the existing seat and lid.
By using a wrench (spanner) or other proper tool, release the nut on both sides of existing toilet to remove the toilet seat and lid.


3. Connect T-valve.
Remove existing supply tube from fresh tank.
Angle Stop Valve is standard 1/2" in size. If it is 3/8" use the 1/2" to 3/8" nut kits with packing before connecting the Angle Stop valve. Install T-Valve on top of Angle Stop Valve.

4. One of flexible tube connects from top of T-Valve to toilet tank.


5. Place bolt guide with bolt in quick release plate and slide into designated groove at rear bottom of main body.

6. Place main unit aligning to toilet seat mounting holes.


7. Securely tightening mounting bolts with supplied cone packing and plastic washer.

8. Connect water supply flexible hose to the unit.

* Connect ground wire from T-Valve to BIO-BIDET (SUPREME BIDET SEAT)
* Check for any water leakage.

9. Insert the deodorant catalyst into the unit.
How to change the deodorant catalyst 
1.Check the deodorant package.
2. Follow the below photos to change the deodorant.
3. Insert the new deodorant case into the unit.

10. Installation of Remote Control.