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Spaloo Primus Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Remote - with FREE Sanicare Travel Bidet ($59.95 value!)
Spaloo Primus Bidet Toilet Seat
Spaloo Primus Bidet
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Spaloo is a bidet toilet seat.

It is designed for use by the entire family. Spaloo uses gentle sprays of warm water to clean more efficiently and more comfortably than toilet paper. Spaloos have adjustable temp. air driers and heated seats.

Spaloos are easy to install and easy to use. They replace a traditional toilet seat and come with everything needed for installation.
After you finish your business you push a wash button. At first the water is...surprising ...but then you adjust water pressure and temperature to your liking…now it all makes sense. This is hands free cleaning.
Once you use a Spaloo you will wonder why everyone else doesn’t!

Spaloo Primus

Spaloo Primus Bidet

• Rear and bidet cleansing
• On demand continuous warm water
• Adjustable water pressure and temperature
• Automatic and manual nozzle cleaning
• Adjustable temperature air dryer
• Power wash
• Built in deodorizer
• Massage and pulse wash
• Adjustable seat temperature
• Adjustable nozzle position
• Learning energy save
• Anti-slam seat
• Child settings
• Great for the whole family!
• Remote Control
• And much more!

What is a Spaloo?

Spaloo is a bidet toilet seat that replaces your existing toilet seat. Spaloo uses warm water to cleanse people’s most sensitive body parts, leaving its users refreshed, clean and comfortable. Spaloo cleans better, feels better and is more sanitary than toilet paper.

Who Uses Spaloo?

Spaloo is designed for use by the entire family and it’s especially helpful to people with health conditions that have compromised their independence or their personal hygiene abilities.

Why Would Someone Buy a Spaloo?

Usefulness - Spaloo not only updates the bathroom, but its use is based on necessity rather than consumerism. Truly the Spaloo is a household product that provides convenience, comfort and relief to its users. Many people believe it is the best bathroom innovation since indoor plumbing.

Pain Relief - Spaloo provides relief to people suffering from pain and discomfort of many common maladies such as hemorrhoids, incontinence, constipation and yeast infect

Personal Hygiene - Water cleans better and feels better than paper. Spaloo replaces harsh, sometimes ineffective wiping by toilet paper with a gentle cleansing stream of warm water. The adjustable nozzles spray a stream of warm water that cleans the user gently and thoroughly. It also includes an adjustable temperature air dryer. Spaloo offers more effective feminine hygiene during menstruation, giving women a greater sense of freshness and confidence.

Economy - Spaloo uses a small amount of water each time it’s used. It cuts down on the use of toilet paper, because water does the cleaning and warm air provides the drying. It’s ideal for low-flow toilets and septic tanks that cannot handle toilet paper waste.

Medical Necessity - Spaloo helps people suffering from severe, life-altering ailments such as paralysis, arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn's Disease, stroke, IBD / IBS, obesity and vision problems. Spaloo is perfect for people recovering from general, Colorectal or Carpal Tunnel surgery, or anyone who is otherwise disabled.

Comfort - Spaloo is comforting with its warm water, warm seat, warm air dryer and adjustable temperatures and water pressures.

Easy to Use - Spaloo is easy to install and easy to use. Simply attach the seat to an existing toilet and water supply, then plug it into a GFCI outlet within four feet. The control panel has icons that make it easy to read and understand, and there is a user-friendly instruction manual included. The Spaloo Primus has an easy-to-use remote control.
Click HERE for the Spaloo PRIMUS User's Guide
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Spaloo Primus Bidet Toilet Seat User Guide

Spaloo Bidet Toilet Seats Video - TV Ad
Spaloo Bidet Installation Video

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